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Fun Activities for Kids: Flight Network Features Monkey Jungle

People don’t usually think of taking their families on vacation in Miami, but we agree with Flight Network’s Annie Albrecht when she writes, “Miami offers some amazing attractions that kids and adults will both love.” As a family-friendly wildlife park that features fun activities for kids and adults alike, we were so happy when we got the opportunity to be featured in one of Flight Network’s recent posts, which highlights many of the fun family attractions around the city. Here’s what the article says about Monkey Jungle:

Let your little monkeys run wild at Monkey Jungle. This wildlife adventure park is perfect for younger children who want to get up close and personal with nature – particularly fun and engaging monkeys! The immersive park is home to over 300 primates, most running free on a 30 acre preserve. Monkey Jungle is one of the few protected habitats for endangered primates in the United States and the only one that the general public can explore. Choose from a range of experiences depending on what kind of day you are looking for. You can either do simple General Admission or, if you want something a little more exciting, the Rainforest Adventure Tour (we recommend it!). The Rainforest Adventure Tour is a 45 minute guided tour where guests enter a 4 acre rainforest and have the chance to interact with the approximately 100-120 squirrel monkeys that live there. Kids will love playing with the monkeys as they come down from the trees and crawl up your legs, arms, and head to grab food from you.”

You can read the full article here.

Fun Activities for Kids at Monkey Jungle

We think Flight Network’s blog post does a fantastic job of demonstrating why Monkey Jungle is the perfect destination for families. To give you a clear picture of what it’s like to visit Monkey Jungle, here are some other fun activities for kids and families that we offer.

Wild Monkey Swimming Pool – One of the species of monkey that puts on a good show for the public at Monkey Jungle is the Java Macaque. These energetic monkeys behave as they do in the wild, which means they often go for a swim! You and your family can see them swim into the pond for treats and maybe even see them dive. Kids are sure to love it!

Cameroon Gorilla Forest – You can also see larger primates at Monkey Jungle! Come and watch as our Cameroon Gorilla interacts with our keepers in his habitat.

Wings of Love Foundation – Even though our name is Monkey Jungle, we like to help out all the animals we can. That’s why we host the Wings of Love Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps parrots that are displaced. Come see these beautiful birds.

Want to learn more about how you can book your trip to Monkey Jungle? Call us today at 305-235-1611. Let us give you and your family an experience that you won’t soon forget!

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