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Our Miami Monkey Park Will Be Closed Until Further Notice

In order to keep our community and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are sad to announce that Monkey Jungle will be temporarily closed until further notice. Our Miami monkey park family would like to thank everyone for their understanding and support as we make this decision and make the transition.

We look forward to reopening our doors, hopefully soon, but until then, we wanted to take some time to keep our readers updated.

What the Closure Means for the Monkeys and Other Animals

The safety of everyone who comes to Monkey Jungle, including patrons, staff, and the animals in our care is our top priority during this time, which is why we made the ultimate decision to close our doors. However, there is no need to be worried about what this all means for our monkeys and the other animals at our park. Though we are closed to the public, we will continue to provide our animals with top-quality care. Our proud animal care staff are still present and giving all the monkeys what they need.

Resources to Help You Stay Safe and Healthy

As you probably know by now, COVID-19 is a potentially life-threatening disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus. If you have not informed yourself about COVID-19, we urge you to visit the websites for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. On both these sites, you can find resources that will help you avoid contracting and spreading the virus as well as safety measures to follow if you think you have the disease.

To summarize, the CDC recommends the following safety measures:

· Wash your hands multiple times a day for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. If you cannot access soap and water, hand sanitizer is also acceptable. However, soap and water are more effective at killing the virus.

· Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick. If a family member has symptoms, contact your doctor for guidance.

· To prevent the spread of the virus, cough and sneeze into your elbow instead of your hand.

· Clean and disinfect your home and anything you bring into your home. It is important that surfaces be clean before trying to disinfect them as dirty surfaces are harder to sanitize.

The WHO recommends similar measures. If you have any questions about the disease or need medical guidance, speak to your doctor. For any medical emergencies, call 911.

Follow Our Miami Monkey Park Social Media

While we do not know when we will be able to open our doors again, we want to keep our audience updated with everything that is going on at Monkey Jungle.

You can follow our Miami monkey park on our social media channels here, here, and here. We will do our best to update them with pictures of our animals.

We hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy during this uncertain time and look forward to seeing you again when we reopen.

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