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Our Miami Animal Park Is Home to This Awesome Monkey Species

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Want a close encounter with a tufted capuchin monkey? Come to our Miami animal park!

You’re probably familiar with one of our favorite monkey species, even if you don’t recognize the name. The tufted capuchin monkey—also known as the black-capped capuchin—is a really amazing animal that we are so glad to be able to give a home at Monkey Jungle.

You probably recognize this type of monkey from movies and TV. What makes this monkey so special? Here are four things you probably didn’t know about the tufted capuchin.

They’re Extremely Intelligent

One reason that tufted capuchins are so famous for being on TV is that they are easy to train thanks to their intelligence. According to National Geographic, tufted capuchins are one of the few animals, aside from great apes like chimpanzees, to use tools. They began using rocks to smash open the hard shells of palm nuts after seeing macaws cracking them in their beaks. They are considered the smartest of all species of New World Monkeys.

The study of tufted capuchin tool use is extensive and may even provide a glimpse into how early humans and precursors to humans manufactured and used tools.

They are Social Creatures

Like humans, the tufted capuchin monkey is a highly social creature. These monkeys live in groups as large as 40 individuals. Most of these groups consist of a single male and his mates and offspring, so any group of capuchins you see is actually one big family. At our Miami animal park, you’ll be able to observe many of the behaviors that make the tufted capuchin special.

They Eat Their Fruits and Veggies…and Snack on Small Animals

As mentioned above, tufted capuchins love a tough nut to crack. Their diet also consists of fruits, insects, reptiles, birds, and other small animals. As omnivores that forage and hunt in groups, tufted capuchins search the forest floor for anything that is edible. When one monkey finds something, they let out a whistling sound so that the others know that dinner is served.

They Use Facial Expressions to Communicate

Tufted capuchin monkeys also communicate with one another through their various facial expressions. With their expressive faces—another reason for their popularity in film and TV—they can greet each other, warn others of danger, communicate friendliness, and express fear. These facial expressions and gestures allow them to navigate the social structures of their group.

Visit Our Miami Animal Park to See a Tufted Capuchin for Yourself!

At Monkey Jungle, we love to teach others about the wondrous creatures that call our park home. If you want to learn more about our Miami animal park, take some time to look around our website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you find the answers you are looking for.

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