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Will Your Child’s Next School Field Trip Be This Fun and Educational?

We all have at least one school field trip that we remember fondly. Most likely we remember these trips because they were fun and gave us an opportunity to bond with friends. They were educational, but not in a way that smothered the joy of learning.

These field trips were special.

If you are looking for a field trip opportunity for your class or just a fun day out with your family, here are three reasons why you should choose Monkey Jungle.

Learn about Local History and Science

Did you know that Monkey Jungle was founded in 1933? When animal behaviorist Joseph DuMond released six Java monkeys into the subtropical forest here in south Florida, he planted the seeds of what Monkey Jungle has become today.

From its inception, Monkey Jungle was an innovator, influencing many of the designs of zoological parks that you see today. In partnership with the DuMond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests, Monkey Jungle continues to drive educational opportunities for kids and adults alike, making it the perfect school field trip destination.

Learn about Different Animals and their Habitats

Monkey Jungle is home to over 300 primates, most of which run free on 30 acres of land. We are home to many different primate species, including squirrel monkeys, black-capped capuchins, howler monkeys, and even a gorilla named King.

We are also home to many Java macaques, a monkey species that is native to southeast Asia. What’s so special about these monkeys? Well, if you attend one of our Wild Monkey Swimming Pool presentations, you’ll see for yourself.

Let’s just say that a school field trip where you get to see a bunch of monkeys diving into a pool and playing with each other would be pretty unforgettable.

You can learn about each of these wonderful primates from our knowledgeable tour guides and watch them live and play in the wild on our Amazonian Rainforest and Cameroon Gorilla Forest presentations. Each presentation has three showtimes throughout the day, except for the Wild Monkey Swimming Pool presentation, which has four showtimes.

Get Hands-On with Nature!

If our regular presentations aren’t enough fun for you, you might want to consider something a little more hands-on. What would you have done to have a monkey climb onto your shoulder when you were a kid? With our Rainforest Adventure Tour, your students might just get to experience that.

As part of this special tour, you get access to the rest of Monkey Jungle and continuous shows from our squirrel and capuchin monkeys.

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Accommodate Your Next School Field Trip

A field trip should be fun, memorable, and most of all, educational. Monkey Jungle has all of that covered.

Are you interested in coming to Monkey Jungle for your next school trip? Get in touch with us today so that we can discuss your needs.

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