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About Monkey Jungle...

Monkey Jungle is a one of a kind  eco-show park and discovery center established in 1935  in a natural subtropical forest in southern Miami-Dade County. The Jungle wildlife live here much as they would in their native habitats, joining and interacting with your Guides during our regularly scheduled Eco-Shows. Guests, students and scientists young and old all experience unique up close encounters with these amazing creatures.




Our History...


Joseph DuMond, an inquisitive animal behaviorist, arrived in South Florida in 1933 and released six Java monkeys into the wilds of a dense subtropical forest. The release over eighty years ago of that small Java troop signified the beginning of the larger thriving troop that runs free at MONKEY JUNGLE today and formed the foundation for our Eco-Show theatre and scientific programs.


Located just off U.S. 1 and Florida Turnpike in southern Miami-Dade County, Monkey Jungle was an innovator of many concepts. Unlike traditional circus acts and zoos, the focus is the showcasing of naturalistic behaviors and interaction with Jungle Guide show hosts.  The venue is home to over 300 primates, most running free on a 30 acre preserve. And, it's one of the few protected habitats for endangered primates in the United States and the only one that the general public can explore. 

As part of the Jungle’s continuing efforts to engage visitors and promote the understanding of primates, we offer a unique look into the world of great apes at our  CAMEROON GORILLA FOREST showcase. Always unpredictable, audiences witness dynamic interactions between the Jungle Guides and these amazing apes based on their natural behavior.


Upon entering Monkey Jungle, guests today are immediately welcomed by the Java monkey troop, now numbering over 90 individuals. This experience with the monkeys continues to be a highlight of audiences at Monkey Jungle. The Java monkey is a skilled diver in the wild, collecting crabs and other shellfish along the riverbanks and mangrove swamps. The monkeys  demonstrate these water skills and other natural behaviors when they interact with the Guides and often wading or leaping into their pond during the WILD MONKEY SWIMMING POOL

MONKEY JUNGLE as it also serves as a venue for science, conservation and education under the auspices of the DuMond Conservancy for Primates & Tropical Forests, our not-for-profit affiliate.


Monkey Jungle | Established 1935 | Joseph DuMond | Animal Behaviorist | Historic Landmark | Wildlife Park | Tourist Attraction | Miami & South Florida

Year: 1935

Now in its third generation of family ownership, Monkey Jungle remains one of the truly timeless entertainment and nature venues in South Florida. In addition to our eco-show based experiences for audiences, we're a venue for community-based special events and scientific and educational programs hosted by the DuMond Conservancy for Primates & Tropical Forests, our non-profit affiliate.

The Legacy continues...
The DuMond Conservancy for Primates & Tropical Forests | Science & Education | Monkey Jungle

About Monkey Jungle...

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