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wild monkey SWIMMING pool & TRAIL


Java Macaques are native to southeast Asia. At Monkey Jungle these monkeys inhabit a 7-acre forest and live much as they do in their native habitats. Explore their territory then see them wade into the pond for treats. If you're lucky...you'll see them skin dive!


Presentation times


10:00 am       12:15 pm


2:30 pm        4:30 pm


Cameroon Gorilla FOREST


Meet our King of the Jungle as he interacts with his keepers.


Presentation times


11:00 am    1:15 pm    3:30 pm       


Amazonian rainforest

Visit Monkey Jungle’s Amazonian Rainforest--the only semi-natural tropical rainforest in North America. The monkeys that live here roam as they please – and  visitors, students and researchers can observe them behaving as they would in the wild

Presentation times


11:30 am   1:45 pm    4:00 pm


wings of love

Monkey Jungle hosts Wings of Love Foundation, a non-profit organization that created a sanctuary for captive parrots that are displaced or can no longer be cared for by their owners.


Visit our beautiful birds anytime during your stay and learn a bit about each of them!

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