Monkey Jungle hosts Wings of Love Foundation, a non-profit organization that created a sanctuary for captive parrots that are displaced or can no longer be cared for by their owners.


The birds are housed in large free-flight geodesic domes with suitable companions and grouped with other native species from their particular region of the world.  The domes are furnished with natural foliage to add interest and security for the birds.


The birds are not sold or bred for commercial purposes.  However, should a viable reintroduction program develop for a specific species, we'll consider participating in a breeding program with the goal of reintroducing domestically bred offspring into the wild.


Come to Monkey Jungle and see our beautiful birds and learn a bit about each of them!

Wings of Love

Wings of Love

14805 SW 216th St.

Miami, FL 33170

 Ticket office closes at 4:00 pm

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(305) 235-1611 


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