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School Field Trip Ideas: 6 Reasons to Choose Monkey Jungle

If you are looking for school field trip ideas for your class, look no further. Monkey Jungle is the perfect destination for a day of learning and fun!

Visiting Monkey Jungle offers so many excellent learning opportunities. We’ve taken a look at the benefits that Monkey Jungle has to offer students and teachers alike. After taking some time to review the activities that students can participate in at our park, we’ve compiled a quick list. Here are six reasons that your next school field trip destination should be Monkey Jungle.

Offers Hands-on Learning

Many children require hands-on learning for a lesson to sink in. At Monkey Jungle, there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty. For instance, on the Rainforest Adventure Tour, students get to explore a 4-acre natural habitat and interact with squirrel and capuchin monkeys.

Stimulates Curiosity

When children see the monkeys at Monkey Jungle, their eyes light up. Nothing encourages learning like subjects that can stimulate curiosity. The monkeys at our park are sure to interest your students and perhaps even spark a lifelong love of animals and science.

Promotes Environmental Consciousness

Learning about animals is a great way to open students’ minds to the environment. When visiting our park, they can see first-hand the impact that humans can have on nature. Conservation is at the heart of what we do at Monkey Jungle and the DuMond Conservancy. Learn more about the programs we offer here.

Offers an Opportunity for Exercise

We all know how important exercise is for leading a happy, healthy life. That’s one of the reasons we are among the best school field trip ideas in the state. Our monkey habitats cover several acres, so you and your students are sure to get your hearts pumping when you visit us.

Promotes Social Bonding

Lasting memories are the foundation upon which friendships are built. When you bring your students to visit us, you are giving them the opportunity to grow their friendships with each other. Everyone is sure to find something to enjoy at our park. When they experience it with their friends, they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Gives Children Free-Reign for Learning and Discovery

We are more reliant on electronic devices than ever, especially our kids, and traditional learning environments often have a hard time competing with smartphones and computers. Getting out and actually experiencing wildlife will keep your students engaged and learning. In fact, they will seek out their own lessons by asking questions about the monkeys and how they live.

Monkey Jungle: One of the Best School Field Trip Ideas for South Florida

We all want our kids to have a full education that engages and encourages them. We think that Monkey Jungle will help you achieve that with your students. If you want to give your students a field trip to remember, get in touch with us today. We will help you decide which Monkey Jungle Experience is right for you.

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