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Enjoy one of our special experience packages as we reopen this season!! We welcome guests again after suspending  shows during the pandemic to protect our animals.


Box office normally closes at 3:00 pm

Please call for information regarding Covid-19 show/tour times to schedule your arrival

call:  (305) 235-1611

For information and advance reservations

14805 SW 216th St.

Miami, FL 33170

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explore Monkey Jungle...


Where Humans are Caged and Monkeys Run Wild!

Monkey Jungle is a unique wildlife eco-show park and discovery center established in 1935 in a natural subtropical forest in southern Miami-Dade County. Unlike what's seen in a typical circus, your Guides work with our animals' natural behaviors in our naturalistic eco-show areas.


The Jungle wildlife live here in this natural venue much as they would in their native habitats, interacting with your Guides during regularly scheduled shows.  Guests, students and scientists experience up close animal encounters with these amazing creatures in Miami's natural 30-acre Jungle park. We can also host your environmental festival, birthday party or other event!

Monkey Jungle, Miami Florida 

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